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The objective of O'Connor Colony Property Strategies ("OCPS") is to provide long/short equity exposure to global real estate via publicly traded companies. OCPS' intent is to offer diversified exposure across subsectors and geographies while maintaining a high degree of liquidity and low correlation to global financial indices. Historically, the UBS O'Connor Global Property Group has exhibited a successful track record when accommodating investors seeking hedged real estate exposure in a traditionally long-biased asset class.

Relative value based upon subsector, financial metric and business cycle differentiation serves as the foundation of portfolio construction. This 'bell curve' approach attempts to capture alpha without undue exposure to exogenous factors. In addition, discrete idiosyncratic investments allow for the opportunity to capture event arbitrage profit.

UBS O'Connor, the Investment Manager of OCPS, is a global leader in alternative investment management and responsible for risk management, legal, accounting and financial controls across a variety of alternative investment management platforms. As one of the world's largest real estate investment management firms, Colony Capital provides OCPS with access to intellectual, physical and technological resources on a global basis. The joint venture affords OCPS the valuable resources of two formidable global infrastructures capturing the nexus between short- mid- and long-dated optionality as expressed through alternative investments.

Please contact Rommel A. Marseille 212.230.3318, or Andrea Nicholas 310.552.7191 for further information.