Colony Capital, Inc. is a NYSE-listed, internally managed global equity REIT and investment management firm.

A Message from the Chairman

"A brand and a culture are built in decades and lost in moments. Results are built in agonizing baby steps, dependent upon a previous discipline of character, integrity and commitment. Financial acumen, information and projects are amazingly accessible in very efficient markets. To build teams over two decades of cyclical ebb and flow takes a commitment to the intangibles that over time become the mantra to which the team rides."


Light Industrial, Colony Starwood Homes, Colony American Finance, Credit Tenant Lease Properties, Loan-to-Owns/Foreclosures, REOs, Preferred Equity

Transitional CRE Lending Platform, (Colony Mortgage Capital), First Mortgage Lending, Rescue Loans/Recapitalizations, Performing and NPL loan acquisitions

Credit Funds, Core Plus and Value-Add Funds, Opportunity Funds, Separate Accounts, Discrete Strategies

We have 14 offices across 10 countries. Our principal executive office is located at 515 South Flower Street, 44th Floor, Los Angeles, CA, 90071. Additional offices are located in New York, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, London, Paris, Luxembourg, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Beirut, Hong Kong, and Seoul.




Los Angeles
Colony Capital, Inc

Colony Capital, Inc
515 South Flower Street
44th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Tel: (310) 282-8820